Jen Jones

Who is environmental health research serving?

About a year ago, and shortly after ITK’s Inuit Research Strategy was released, Jen Jones led the publication of an article that examined environmental health research in the Circumpolar North.

Addressing factors leading to health disparities in the Circumpolar North require approaches that consider and address the social determinants of health including on-going colonization. Today, colonization and related policies and processes, continue to manifest in the marginalization of Indigenous knowledge, particularly its use in research; however, Indigenous populations have moved from being research subjects to leaders and consumers of environmental health research. Given the tensions that exist between how health research is conducted, how the results are mobilized, and who has control and access to the results, we examined how peer-reviewed environment-related Indigenous health research in the Circumpolar North is serving the needs of Indigenous communities, governments, and organizations. Read the full article here.

Citation: Jones, J., Cunsolo, A., & Harper, S. L. (2018). Who is research serving? A systematic realist review of circumpolar environment-related Indigenous health literature. PloS one13(5), e0196090.


Free open-access article

Jones, Cunsolo, and Harper 2018


CBC Radio Interview

Jen spoke with CBC host Leonard Linklater about the paper