Our research guided by core principles embodied in CIHR’s model of integrated knowledge translation. This involves working with partners throughout the project to co-produce knowledge. In this model, dissemination is not an activity that occurs at the end of our research projects, but an ongoing activity which is key to the success of each project. Research impact is maximized in different ways, informed by partners and communities.

Rigolet Whiteboard Video Project

This project develop a whiteboard animation video to share public health information. Explore this website for more details on the project!

eNuk Project

The eNuk Program is an integrated environment and health monitoring program designed by, with, and for Inuit in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut Labrador.


IHACC Activities

The Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change program has a variety of knowledge mobilization activities, including photography projects, film initiatives, and program development.

My Word: Digital Media & Storytelling Lab

The Changing Climate, Changing Health, Changing Stories project utilized digital media to gather place-based narratives, documenting the impacts of climate change on Inuit health and sharing adaptation strategies.

Media Engagement

Our team actively engages with print, radio, and TV media.