Examining Climate Change Adaptation in Nunatsiavut

Nia King copyWritten by Nia King, BScH Candidate Starting at 330am, it was a good day -- it was mild outside with clear skies and a light snow. After a cat nap at the airport and then arriving to the cash register at Tim's, only to be told that the gentleman in front of me had paid for my tea, I was off to Montreal for a day of meetings regarding an Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Ouranos contract for a report addressing climate change adaptation in Nunavik and Nunatsiavut. Upon arrival to Montreal, I quickly realized that Guelph campus is not exactly representative of most universities (ie. you can't just wander McGill campus waiting to stumble on the building for which you are looking). Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous cold winter day out, which I've been missing given that I'm from Ottawa and Guelph has been so mild, and after asking numerous students for directions, I made it to the meeting and we started with a productive group meeting working alongside Ouranos team members to establish the project deliverables and timelines. I had the pleasure of spending the day collaborating with one of James Ford's students, Cheenar, with whom I'll be working closely for the upcoming two months. After the initial group meeting, Cheenar and I spent the day finalizing our methodologies such that the Nunavik and Nunatsiavut report sections are easily comparable. While I was only in Montreal for 10 hours, I'm already excited for the project to come and to get to collaborate further with members from the Ford Lab and Ouranos!