New Publication about Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change

We are happy to announce a new publication about community-based adaptation to climate change. Community-based adaptation (CBA) has emerged over the last decade as an approach to empowering communities to plan for and cope with the impacts of climate change. While such approaches have been widely advocated, few have critically examined the tensions and challenges that CBA brings. Responding to this gap, this article critically examines the use of CBA approaches with Inuit communities in Canada. The article was written through a multi-day workshop hosted by James Ford at McGill that brought together faculty members, government representatives, and graduate students from across the country and across disciplines.

Citation: Ford, J., Stephenson, E., Cunsolo Willox, A., Edge, V., Farahbakhsh, K., Furgal, C., Harper S.L., et al. (2015). Community-based adaptation research in the Canadian Arctic. WIREs Clim Change. doi: 10.1002/wcc.376. Click here for free access to the article (open access).