Broadening Horizons: Arctic Change 2014

Reflection by Carlee Wright The Arctic Change conference has been an eye-opening experience over the past four days here in Ottawa. I have already had the opportunity to attend many sessions on various topics, and have learned so much about the amazing research that is being done all over the Arctic. This is the first Arctic conference I have attended, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to meet new people and talk about our different projects. I was both nervous and excited to present a poster and co-present an oral session for the first time as a Masters student. I’m extremely thankful for the support of my lab group and co-presenter Inez Shiwak, who played a vital role in making this first presentation a success.

From infrastructure challenges to changes in sea ice, health, and biodiversity, it is clear that Northern regions around the globe are all united by a common issue: climate change. It has been so inspiring to hear stories of the people who are dedicated to understanding climate change, in order to minimize impacts on people and the environment. The awards ceremony and banquet on Thursday night showcased just a few of these influential community members and researchers, and how important the contributions of each person are. To be part of a research group that is working towards some of the same goals is truly incredible; this conference has made me even more excited for the years to come, and all of the possibilities that lie ahead.