Stephanie Masina presents at the Latornell Conservation Symposium

20141119_160058Congrats to Stephanie for her poster presentation on chronic and acute gastrointestinal illness at the Latornell Conservation Symposium! Reflections from Steph:

On Wednesday, November 19th I had the opportunity to attend the 21st Latornell Conservation Symposium in Alliston, Ontario. For the first conference I’ve attended, it was a great experience! Some of the sessions that were particularly interesting for me included topics on water and community outreach. The first presentation discussed the importance of headwater streams and how hydrology is changing due to increasing urban development in Ontario. The second included the engagement of new audiences through storytelling, which was fascinating because it emphasized the use of storytelling as a way to build meaningful connections with communities about science.

I was also chosen to participate in my first student poster presentation with 18 other undergraduate and graduate students from universities in Ontario. I presented a poster describing my research project from this semester, titled Environmental Health Risks in the Canadian North: Acute and Chronic Gastrointestinal Illness in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut. Students and professionals in the environmental field found my project interesting and important in the context of climate change, and asked many insightful questions!

Overall, my poster presentation went well and I really enjoyed discussing my work. I’d like to thank Sheri and Kate for helping me prepare for this amazing experience!