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Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact us at any time regarding independent study courses, undergraduate thesis, or part-time or summer research opportunities.  We're currently recruiting undergraduate students to research the following topics:

  • Climate change impacts on human health

  • Systematic literature reviews on various environmental health and/or ecohealth topics

Contact me at

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Prospective graduate students should contact us as early as possible to discuss research interests, suitability, and availability, as well as to arrange for funding.

Please consider the following in advance:

  • Review the range of topics we tend to work on

  • Contact me at  In your initial email query, please include:

    • your academic transcript (an unofficial version is okay);

    • your CV; and

    • a paragraph regarding your research interests.

  • Note that the University of Alberta encourages students to find their own funding. Please see the Graduate Studies webpage for more information.

  • For information regarding graduate programs at the School of Public Health, please see the School of Public Health webpage.

We generally do not conduct research on:

  • Chronic diseases (as opposed to infectious diseases)

  • Social determinants of health research without an environmental component

  • Students with GPA (or equivalent) of less than 3.0

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We are currently not hiring staff. Check back later for opportunities.

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